“I just want the Yumumu woman to feel really easy in the clothes while maintaining a contemporary attitude with her natural grace.”
Designer Yilin Lu believes what makes an outfit stand out is the way it is assembled together to express the sensibilities and personality of the wearer.
In her new collection entitled “Prologue”, Lu combined the functionality of merchandising together with a rigorous pursuit in design. The wearer is able to mix and match her Yumumu items almost endlessly, as each skirt or pair of pants could be effortlessly styled with a variety of tops offered in the collection. She also believes in building upon your own Yumumu collection, by introducing pieces every season that can be styled with past-season items to create a sense of perennial elegance.
Careful attention is paid to the tactility of the textiles whose weight and weave were closely considered in the construction and design of every garment, giving Yumumu a sense of precision not just in its impeccable tailoring but also in its choice of sensuous fabrication.  Her designs rely on clean lines, a typical Yumumu signature, almost monastic in their purity. Touches of femininity show through as she renders ease and softness into the garment by introducing drapes, self-ties and tassels. Colours are kept to a natural and classical palette. A sense of understated luxury is thus established.




About the Designer


Formally trained in Fine Art and self-taught in fashion design, Yilin Lu believes in adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to her creations. She has fostered a diverse and layered aesthetic based on her experiences, having spent the last 20 years living in London, Singapore and Shanghai. Her cultural explorations in the three cities have often inspired the constantly evolving perspective that shapes the stories she tells through her works.  She is especially interested in bringing out the instinctual and sensual elements in the everyday amid the homogeneity of our modern living experience.