A collection of exquisite handwoven pieces by jewellery brand FUMU. 


Our collection this season has been styled with the jewellery made by a personal friend of mine, whom I’ve known for over a decade. A perfectionist at heart and a creative with a singular vision, Wu Ke’s designs embody the contemporariness of our times while paying homage to the timeless beauty of past eras. A Beijing-native, she draws inspiration for her designs from the motifs and forms of ancient artifacts. Lately, she has been delving deeper into weaving and welding techniques, so as to take her craft to the next level.


Founded in 2013, Wu Ke’s brand Fumu derived its name from the title of poet Zhou Nan’s poem from the “Book of Songs (Shi Jing)”, a classic anthology of ancient Chinese poetry. The first half of each line in this 6-line poem is exactly the same, describing the lushness of greenery, like a scroll painting on the plains. The second half of the each line uses six different verbs that change in sequence to describe the movements of the women’s hands when picking the herbs, reminiscent of a flow-like rhythm.


“It’s been a while since I’ve read the poem. As I picked it up today, I still feel for it as much as I did the first time I read it. The brand’s original ethos was to bring to the wearer, the imagery and sensibilities that I'd imagined. I’ve traversed a long way in the process. Now that I’ve come full circle, I realised that 'zero' is not quite the same. 

— Designer Wu ke


Every piece of jewellery has been meticulously handmade by the designer herself and is available for pre-orders. Do come by our showroom to have a look at the pieces in person.

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