Yumumu pays homage to the classics of various eras, juxtaposing old-world glamour with modern-day sophistication, from the Hollywood elegance of the 1920’s to the suave spirit of James Dean’s 1960’s. 

Some of these classics fall into the categories of both casual and formal clothes worn between home and office — a situation we’re all familiar with post-Covid. A trench coat has been recreated in the form of a maroon trench robe instead of a traditional outerwear. It redefines the idea of office loungewear, and of casual workwear chic.

Crisp white tailored shirts complement the outerwears, especially when paired with the soft contours of slim harem pants. As a whole, the softer lines and oversized forms undercut the more architectural and fitted aspects of the tailoring.

This is a collection that is rooted in a simplicity that Yumumu knows best and a celebration of all that is old, in a new light.